Our technology provides you with high-quality reporting, an efficient ordering portal with 24/7 access for status updates, communication tools and much more. Our technology benefits include:

  • A “user-friendly” portal where inspections can be ordered with ease with 24/7 access to our system
  • Ability to administer your own users of the system
  • Simple keyword searching and advanced search options to find what you need quickly
  • An unsurpassed photo technology allowing uploading of all photos with the click of a button & automatic resizing to keep file sizes manageable
  • A mapping feature that provides driving directions for inspector partners to a specific property

  • An automated internal rating system ensures we are utilizing the best inspector partners available
  • Technology allows for a streamlined internal review process eliminating the need for inefficient manual steps
  • Flexibility to customize select features on a customer-by-customer basis
  • Ability to track every step of the inspection process, enabling frequent & timely updates to our customers


ReloOlogy’s experienced team reviews all inspector partner reporting, evaluates each inspection order and generates reporting to meet your needs. Reports are color coded for ease of reading, with the ability for repair costs to be included or excluded, concise summary pages, enhanced photo options, and more. Check our Services page to learn more.

Do you have a specialized need for reporting specifics? Special invoicing processes? Technology requests? We pride ourselves in being flexible in many areas beyond our standard reporting. From technology processes, portal to portal data feeds, scorecard/metric reporting requirements, to service level agreements and more! We utilize the tech tools to improve efficiency for both you and us! You deserve 100% satisfaction and our goal is to deliver exactly what is needed.

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We operate in a “people” business and know how important security and confidentiality is to you and your customers. That’s why we make the following a priority:

  • Personal data on all transferees/home owners is kept highly guarded and confidential
  • We operate in a “paperless” fashion: reports/customer information is not printed or stored on-site
  • Technology (order) system has unique sign-ons, tracking/audit ability, and 3rd party company performs external and internal audits on operating effectiveness of controls with risk assessments
  • Utilize confidential and protected cloud storage to maintain and retain inspection notes/records
  • Background check provider captures/maintains any and all confidential inspector data
  • Utilize secured networks, password protected and virus protected company computers